We work directly with our translators and consultants to offer our clients an incredible service at a competitive price. Our integrated approach seamlessly combines every step of the translation process, guaranteeing solutions are delivered within reasonable time frames and on budget. We are constantly evaluating our resources and looking at the newest technologies hitting the market to optimize and support our vision. Experienced yet nimble, we’ve created best-in-class industry practices before, and can react to our clients’ requests immediately.

Our number one goal is for your content to have a global impact through language. We work alongside our talent who share our commitment to providing our clients a translation and localization solution that exceeds every possible expectation.

Standout Customer Service. Guaranteed Quality. A Trusted Partner.



Accurate translations no matter the content or language — our global team will get it done.

Website Localization

Global reach, local voice — speak to your customers in their language.

Machine Translation & Post-Editing

Move content faster. With a winning combination of speed and technology, we help you spread more information and ideas to your audience in record time.


Relate to customers in foreign locales and increase the value of your brand.

Global Marketing

Launch your brand into multiple countries and see your global growth opportunities explode.

e-Learning Localization

Reach more employees. Localize your e-Learning content and keep your global workforce engaged.

Quality Management

Make sure the first impression your clients, customers and employees have of you is a good one. Investing in high quality translations is a positive reflection of your company.

Audio & Video Localization

Online visual content is experiencing explosive growth — don’t leave your global customers behind.

Language Coaching

Put your best foot forward — impress your international colleagues with proficiency in foreign business communication.

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1Focus - Our Customers
20Years of experience

Our experience working with Milla & Co. was excellent. We recently reached out to them with a last-minute translation request, and they really came through. Their expertise gave us peace of mind, and their customer-focus made the entire process a breeze. We will definitely be coming back with future requests!

Samantha Dorin - Digital Strategist, Varick North

We used Milla & Co. to translate our client’s marketing content into Spanish and were really pleased with the translations. They were completed before our deadline and our client’s in-country reviewer agreed that the translations were spot on. The project wasn’t completely straightforward and we appreciated Milla’s ability to really grasp the tone and style we were trying to convey. Their multi-tiered approach to quality made the translations exactly what we were looking for.

Serge Efap, Operations Manager - Elite Daily

I have worked with various translation companies in the past and I have to say that working with Milla & Co. was such an enjoyable experience. They were incredibly responsive and friendly, and I liked speaking with the same person every time I had a question. Since I regularly make updates to my content, they were able to utilize their translation memory software so that the translations remained consistent across the different versions. I look forward to working with them again on my next project.

Mark Greenspan, BeautyFix Medspa

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