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As one of the fastest emerging markets of digital buyers, German online shoppers are expected to spend over $65 billion on web purchases by the end of 2017. Is your business ready?  

Germany offers one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets, with a large, affluent, and engaged consumer base that remains untapped by many English-speaking companies. By having a comprehensive corporate translation strategy in place, your company can take advantage of this booming digital market. 

Why Germany?

With its large population of digital consumers, Germany is a rich investment opportunity for growing international businesses. Recently, MasterCard named Germany one of the top three European countries for weekly digital buyer penetration: 30% of German internet users reported weekly online purchases. Currently over 81% of German internet users make online purchases annually, equating to over two-thirds of the 82.6 million person population.  

More frequently, German shoppers are turning to digital outlets to flex their spending power. Retail e-commerce sales leapt approximately 12.5% in 2016- more than four times the rate of total retail sales. RetailMeNot and CPR projected that digital buyers in Germany would make an average of 20 retail e-commerce purchases in 2017 and would spend, on average, $75 on each purchase. A German-language advertising strategy could direct this impressive purchasing power towards your product.  

What Products Attract German Digital Shoppers?

Retail e-commerce purchases from German consumers have soared, particularly in fashion, home goods, and tech and electronics. eMarketer reports that in 2016, digital shoppers in Germany spent 13.5 billion dollars on fashion and 11.1 billion on tech and electronics. Home and garden purchases skyrocketed, up 62.1% for female shoppers and 40.5% for male shoppers.

German consumers are increasingly interested in the convenience and variety offered to them through online shopping. Currently there is a rapidly increasing demand for online apparel outlets appealing to German speaking shoppers. Euromonitor, Kantar Worldpanel and Fung Global Retail & Technology have predicted that e-commerce will account for 19.8% of all apparel sales in Germany in 2017. This rate is even higher than in the United States, where 17% of apparel sales occur online.  

How Can My Audience Appeal to a German Speaking Market?

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as translating your website and advertising copy directly from English to German. German shoppers are culturally unique from American shoppers: the same advertising copy that hooks your US audience may fall flat to the German ear. If your company is considering advertising to German consumers, make the most of your investment with professional translation services that consider the unique values, goals and motivations of your German audience.  

With its booming e-commerce trade and large, affluent consumer base, Germany is primed to be one of the most lucrative European markets for emerging international business. Now is the time to invest in professional translation services: this eager audience is not being approached with localized content. With thoughtful, expert translation from native speakers who understand the priorities of the German consumer, your company can attract this demographic and secure a new audience of brand loyal customers.  

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